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Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble  Meets
Jazz Ensemble Meets
Wednesdays 1:45 - 2:45
Smartmusic Comes to ELHS!
Smartmusic Comes to ELHS!

This year, the ELHS Music Department will begin using Smartmusic, a cloud based music practice and assessment tool. Smartmusic will be used to measure student growth and help students improve their skills in music. iPads and laptops equipped with Smartmusic will be set up at school for students to use free of charge. In addition, students may try out ... Continue Smartmusic for free by visiting
For the full benefit of Smartmusic, students can get a subscription for $40 a year. This is highly recommended as it is an extremely effective practice tool - and the best part is - it is really fun to use!
The $40 student subscription will allow the student access to Smartmusic materials posted by ELHS music teachers. This will include concert pieces, scales, drills, solos and more.
Students can practice concert pieces while hearing the full ensemble and have the ability to slow the tempo as needed. Students can record themselves and receive an assessment of their performance with instruction regarding any mistakes made.
We are very excited about the possibilities of using Smartmusic to help our students improve!
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