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High School Clubs & Activities

ELHS Clubs
As Schools Match Wits

The "As Schools Match Wits" team is comprised of four (4) team members and one (1) alternate. Members are selected from candidates from all four (4) classes. Prior to the selection of the team, required weekly practices are scheduled in which students compete in practice matches. The East Longmeadow student team appears on the "As Schools Match Wits" television program (WGBY, Channel 57).


Business Club

The Business Club is open to all students interested in learning more about business through a hands-on approach. Members of the club operate a coffee cart,  plan and manage fundraising events, and manage an investment portfolio for the East Longmeadow Endowment. Funds raised from events and coffee cart sales are used to provide a scholarship to a  graduating senior at ELHS. Elected officers lead the club under the guidance of a faculty member.

C.O.P.E. (Council of Peer Educators)

Peer Education Club. The ideal peer educator is a guide, an older student who is a
reassuring role model for students who often feel unsure in making decisions about
alcohol and drugs. The use of peer educators is based on the belief that some people better relate to each other than with adults who may not be as comfortable in discussing these issues. The essential part of being a peer educator is being able to be an effective communicator and leader. Your task is to interact with the community, educating the dangers of destructive behavior.

Debate Team

Organized in 1964, the Debate Team has a history of active participation in many debates with schools in the area. Debaters compete in the Connecticut Valley Debate League, which involves 12 to 15 area schools. Debates are in the cross-examination format and based on the National Forensic League's high school debate topic, which usually involves governmental policy. Past debate topics have included U.S. foreign policy toward Russia and the federal government's role in education. Although the season runs from January to February, preparation begins in September or October. Students interested in debate must possess a strong desire to conduct extensive research on the debate topic and to speak assertively in public.

Drama Club

The Drama Club, which produces tow full-length plays per year, is open to all interested students. The club meets immediately after school during the eight to ten weeks prior to each performance. In addition to acting, students fill the roles of stage manager, sound and lighting technicians, and stage crew members. The club provides a comprehensive theater experience in which all members work as a team. All club members are expected to assist with costumes, makeup, props, set construction and strike, and any other task necessary to the production of an audience-worthy play.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club focuses on making the school community aware of
environmental issues on a local and state level. Recycling, energy conservation, school grounds cleanup and greenhouse projects are among the many topics addressed by this club. Club members raise money to support these efforts and volunteer their time and talents to a variety of school district projects. The Environmental Club is for those people who are inspired to change the way we look at the environment. We are a highly energized group trying to make a difference.

Foreign Language Club

The Foreign Language Club is open to all students. The club seeks to enhance students' cultural awareness of other countries through in-school activities and field trips. Elected officers lead the club under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Gay Straight Alliance Club 

GSA is open to all students. Our goal is to build a safe, inclusive and accepting environment for LGBTQ students. The GSA works building community spirit, mutual understanding and support among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, pansexual, intersex and asexual students and their friends. GSA’s goal is to help reduce anti-LGBTQ violence, harassment and discrimination through educational and awareness programs to students at ELHS.

Key Club

The East Longmeadow Key Club is an international organization affiliated with the
Springfield Kiwanis Club. Its purpose is to serve the school and the community through projects such as fund-raising, volunteer work and assistance in school-related activities. Besides being a positive learning experience, membership can be a valuable inclusion on a student's transcript.

Math Team

East Longmeadow High School is a member of the Western Mass. Math League. The team members, chosen by the math team advisor, compete with other area schools five times during the school year. At each meet, the students take tests for the purpose of achieving high individual and team scores. At the end of the year the top three schools in the league advance to the Massachusetts State Competition. Participation in Math team practices is open to all.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial places students in a simulated courtroom situation where they must assume the roles of lawyers and witnesses in a hypothetical case. Students learn about applicable case law as well as essential thinking and public speaking skills. Regional competition begins in January. However, student may choose to start working on their case as soon as the materials are released (in December). Winning teams proceed to the state and national championships.

Multicultural Club

The vision of the Multicultural Club at East Longmeadow High School is to promote
cultural literacy, as well as respect and appreciation for the spirit of diversity through working toward goals that are inclusive to all cultures, while fostering an environment that is supportive of differences. Through these endeavors, we will strive to enhance the minds and expand the cultural well-being of members of the club and the school community at large.


Chamber Music Society: Chamber Music at East Longmeadow High School is
comprised of small groups that perform a wide variety of music. These groups may
include Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Choir, and Percussion Ensemble as well as various trios, quartets, madrigals and other mixed ensembles. Chamber groups rehearse during lesson groups and after school and perform at the annual “Chamber Music and Jazz Recital” as well as other concerts and events throughout the year. Students take a leadership role in selecting, rehearsing, and performing chamber music with an emphasis on high quality ensemble playing and musicianship. The performance of student compositions is a featured event a chamber music performances.

Jazz: Music students at East Longmeadow High School are eligible to audition for the jazz program. There are two jazz bands at East Longmeadow High School that play a challenging repertoire of music in a variety of styles including swing, be-bop, funk, rock and fusion. Students in the jazz program are encouraged to experiment with improvisation and develop both solo and ensemble performing skills. Auditions for jazz take place in September.

Men’s Chorus (“The Offbeats”): Any student with an interest in singing is welcome to join this vocal ensemble. This group enjoys singing in various styles of music, with a focus on doo-wop and a cappella pieces in pop style, while learning musicianship skills and healthy singing styles. The Men’s Chorus performs several times each year, including some outreach community performances.

Women’s Chorus ("Duly Noted"): The women’s chorus members work to develop a
healthy singing style and good musicianship while learning pieces in a variety of musical styles including madrigals, Broadway, and pop. The Women’s Ensemble performs several times each year, including some outreach community performances.